Our Haulers


R+L Carriers NASCAR hauler

The R+L Carriers NASCAR race car and hauler

R+L Carriers was the proud sponsor of NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth and Junior Miller several years ago. While we no longer sponsor a NASCAR race car, we do continue to take our hauler and race cars to visit customers across the country, stopping at special events along the way. Follow us here to see where we’ve been and what we’ve seen. You’ll love our team drivers, Wade and Nancy and Rick and Sherryl too!

Hometown Showcase Hauler

Hometown Showcase Hauler

Our Hometown Showcase Hauler

The R+L Carriers Hometown Showcase Hauler travels to schools and events across the country to support communities, highlight transportation and logistics careers and provide students with scholarships to further their education. The Hometown Showcase hauler will spotlight an employee and give an award of achievement at every event. Join us there to learn how to host an event at your school or community and how to get involved in this great opportunity.

Lima Company Memorial Hauler

Lima Company Memorial

The Lima Company Memorial hauler

R+L Carriers is the proud transportation provider and sponsor of the Eyes of Freedom Lima Company Memorial, a series of life-sized paintings depicting the 23 fallen Marines from Lima 3/25 in Iraq. The paintings now serve as a traveling memorial to all those that serve in every branch of the armed forces. Visit their website to learn where you can view the paintings and support their cause.