Meet our Drivers

Our NASCAR Race Car Hauler drivers love their job! Why? They travel the country with our NASCAR race car and hauler, showing it off in cities across the nation. We’d like you to meet them.

Wade and Nancy Bustle

NASCAR Race Car Hauler drivers for R+L Carriers

Nancy and Wade Bustle

Wade started driving his Dad’s truck in 1975, but was not formally trained (or paid) until 1978 when he started driving for his uncle. Back then, Wade and his Uncle hauled produce from California to Chicago. Wade and Nancy married in May of 1985 and Wade took a management job in 1991. He returned to trucking in 2001. That’s when Nancy joined him.

In 2004 the couple moved from California to Ohio and began driving for R+L Carriers. Two years later they were selected to haul the race car full time.

Nancy tells us that they “feel very fortunate to drive the hauler and are honored to represent the Roberts’ family and the outstanding R+L Carriers employees across the country.”

For many, this is their first up-close experience with a NASCAR race car and for almost everyone; it is their first time being in a hauler.

Nancy tells us one of the best parts is showing off the car and hauler to children. It is an excellent opportunity for families to enjoy the thrill of a NASCAR experience. “They love getting into the car for photos and especially love it when we crank up the car” says Nancy. Above and beyond the adventure, Wade and Nancy tell us the best part about driving as a team is that they get to enjoy the experience together.

Did you know?

  • Wade and Nancy spend 270-280 nights a year away from home.
  • Since Feb 2011 they’ve been in approximately 242 cities (and counting!)
  • Since 2010 they’ve served roughly 69,000 Steamed Hot Dogs!

Rick and Sherryl Hackworth

Sherryl and Rick Hackworth

Rick and Sherryl Hackworth

Rick started his trucking career in 1992 and joined R+L in 1996 becoming a trainer soon after. He trained Sherryl at that time allowing her to join R+L Carriers in 2001. Sherryl worked part time on weekends until 2003, when she began team driving with Rick full time. This opportunity allowed them to put their daughter Jamie through college, pay for a wedding and spoil their grandchildren. The couple have driven the NASCAR hauler for more than four years.

Sherryl tells us that “the best thing about our job is the people we have the privilege to meet all across the country.”

Did you know?

  • Rick and Sherryl have been in every R+L Service Center across the U.S.
  • They were part of the crew for Junior Miller at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • They took the hauler up the mountain to Big Bear Resort and invited the whole town.
  • They drive with two Chihuahuas, Duke who is 14 and Gabby who is 11.

The couple says “the best thing about team driving is the companionship and the mutual support. After being together for 28 years, we work together like clockwork”.

We’d like to thank our NASCAR Race car and hauler drivers for their dedication and for representing R+L Carriers with professionalism and pride.  Now climb aboard by subscribing to our blog and by following us on Facebook to know about our next pit stop– we’re glad to have you!

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