R+L Carriers Delivers Random Act of Kindness

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R+L Carriers delivered a Random Act of Kindness on this special day to Dayton Children’s Hospital. We’re thankful for the opportunity to donate five customized “Kiddie Carrier” wagons to the hospital for the children and their families, specially designed to replace the original wagons stolen during the holiday season. These carriers are designed to move very special cargo; pint sized patients at the hospital.

Dayton Children's Hospital

The first rider in the Kiddie Carrier at Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Replacing Stolen Wagons

Right before Christmas, two Dayton Children’s Hospital wagons were reported stolen. Local police were able to locate one wagon but the other has never been found. These wagons also have a short life span, as they get a lot of use, and they need to be replaced regularly. When we saw that need, we decided to chip in and help. Wagons typically cost the hospital $125 and according to Karen Muller, Childlife Manager, they play an important part in the operations of the hospital. She told us,

“The wagons are so exciting for the families, they’re the first thing they go to when arriving.”

Dayton Childrens Hospital R L Carriers

Members of Dayton Children’s Hospital and R+L Carriers pose for a picture with the Kiddie Carrier.

R+L Carriers Delivers

Several R+L Carriers employees were on hand to deliver the wagons to the hospital. The donation was personally meaningful to R+L Carriers’ driver Bill, pictured below, as he’s had a child in Dayton Children’s Hospital in the past. Dane Gordon, R+L Carriers Marketing Manager and Daniel Carroll, Marketing Coordinator were also on site for the donation, and all three Dayton news stations were there to cover the event.

Here’s Dane being interviewed on WDTN.

R L Carriers Donation

Dane (right) Daniel (middle) and driver Bill prepare to unload the “Kiddie Carrier” wagons from an R+L Carriers truck.

R+L Carriers is proud to be able to serve the Dayton area through transportation services and by giving back to the community. Join us in helping the Dayton Children’s hospital. There are a variety of ways to get involved today!

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