Hunting and Fishing is Big Business

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The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the largest outdoor equipment retailers.  REI, Eddie Bauer, the North Face and Columbia Sportswear all call the Pac Northwest home. It is no surprise that you can find these outdoor sporting goods companies in the epicenter of outdoor recreation.  As fall approaches hunters return to the forests and fields to bag their game before winter and most hunters are equipped with hi tech clothing and gear.

Big Industry

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation hunting and fishing in the United States is a $76 billion force. With more than 34 million participants the need for gear is growing across the US. While major manufacturers are headquartered or based in the Washington/Oregon/Northern California region, hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen are located in all 50 states and so are the retailers selling the gear.

Washington is Key

With access to ports and international airport Washington State is the hub of outdoor equipment activity. Recently our hauler stopped in Washington with visits in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kent and Fife. It is here we stopped in to see one of the largest wholesale and retail suppliers in the outdoor gear industry. This year around operation doesn’t slow down between spring fishing and fall hunting seasons.


When shipping everything from rods and reels to clothing to knives and flashlights flexibility is key for any shipper. With R+L Carriers expansion to the west coast, a distributor is only 3 days away from most all of the lower 48 with our LTL service. With a network of more than 160 service centers and warehouses nationwide R+L has the flexibility needed. That responsiveness and timely delivery makes R+L the right choice when suppliers in Washington need to move ltl freight quick. What is being shipped in March is not the same gear being shipped in October.


When the type of freight and geographical locations of the receiver changes with the seasons R+L has been able to adapt and respond to the needs of the shipper.  With our sales team and drivers focused on timely deliver and customer service we have been successful keeping hunters and fishermen equipped season after season.


In an effort to thank those companies our hauler spent a few weeks in Washington this spring. Bringing both our NASCAR inventory and hundreds of hot dogs we got to know the men and women who are keeping people safe and dry in the outdoors. Check out the photos below

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