Honoring Labor and an American Manufacturer

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The Labor Day holiday is meant to honor the strong backs of the men and women who built our country. America has a long proud heritage of manufacturing and producing products that have impacted the world. R+L Carriers is proud of our history supporting small businesses and manufacturers for almost 50 years. One way we show our appreciation is through our hauler program.

Saying Thanks to Manufacturers

Both of our NASCAR haulers make hundreds of visits every year to valued customers. We have visited small machine shops and large glass factories. We have served hot dogs to small mom and pop shops and opened our hauler to large corporate staffs as well. Taking our NASCAR vehicles and serving lunch is one small way we can say thanks.

One Man and One Shop

We love a good success story that comes from a dream and hard work. R+L began that way in 1965. Recently we visited a machine shop in Washington State that started very similar. One man took his love of mechanics, engineering and automobiles and created a worldwide business using that passion and his skills. We enjoy our visits to shops that specialize in automobiles and this visit was no exception.

Shipping with R+L

When shipping large and small automotive parts like wheel hubs, axels, gear kits and differentials they rely on R+L. When dealing with critical parts for performance vehicles expedited shipping matters to their customers. By working closely with their account manager this manufacturer and R+L were able to create unique solutions to freight is shipped securely and timely to keep customers happy and cars on the road.

Hot Dogs and Race Cars

Here are a few photos of our time in Washington earlier this summer.

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