High Performace in Southern California

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Hauler arrival

The Hauler has arrived with lunch and the #17 Ford

Our #17 Ford wasn’t the only piece of performance racing equipment during our visit in Oxnard, California this month.

Oxnard, California

Oxnard is located on the Southern California coast in Ventura County about an hour northwest of Los Angeles. A quick 30 minute drive south from warm and sunny Santa Barbara, Oxnard started over 100 years ago as an agricultural center. Today, Oxnard’s location on the Pacific Coast Highway makes it the gateway to the Los Angeles area. It also cuts a path toward central California as Highway 101 hugs the coastline. At the young age of 111, Oxnard has grown to be the home of a diversified economy known for its advanced agriculture, manufacturing and retail.

Accelerating to the Next Level in Performance

R+L is no stranger to Oxnard, as we have multiple service centers in the greater Los Angeles area. In fact, the only thing more popular on Southern California freeways than green R+L trucks and trailers are sports cars. High performance sports cars. It is no secret that luxury sports cars can be found on nearly every corner in LA and at all points on the California coast. Our hauler visited one manufacturer who produces the parts and machinery that accelerate production cars to the next level of performance.

These Guys Know Racing

R+L provides LTL service to a number of automobile parts manufacturers and suppliers in California. Our visit this month was to a shop who is no stranger to the race scene. It takes a lot to impress car industry folks and we pulled out all the stops over lunch while they gave the #17 Ford a once over.

Spending time with these guys, we found out quick that they know about power, speed and performance. We are honored that a company that manufacturers parts for peak performance relies on R+L to get their products to both end consumers and retail outlets nationwide.

Not All About Speed

LTL services with liftgate service is key to serving this customer. They ship everything from heavy engine blocks to delicate computer systems used to increase engine performance in most all of today’s most popular production sports cars. This company specializes in increasing the speed, power and handling of the most popular American-made sports cars. Engine kits, brake systems, suspension kits and exhaust sets are produced for Corvette, Mustang, Pontiac and Camero models. We are able to successfully ship pallets of parts to retail outlets across the US or deliver to the shade tree mechanic who may be modifying their own car at home.

Normally, we are the ones with the speed and rumble of engines. We were honored to be back inside the racing community with this lunch. Our hauler and cars passed the test from this crowd. So did lunch!


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