Valley of the Sun

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R+L Hauler visits manufacturer in Phoenix

The R+L NASCAR Hauler made its way to the Valley of the Sun in mid December when warmer days were harder to find in the midwest. Phoenix, both the capital of Arizona and the anchor city of the Sun Valley is home to a robust manufacturing center.

Phoenix is the most populous capital city in America. Almost 1.5 million people callĀ Arizona’s largest city and the 6th largest city in the United States home. After real estate and financial services, manufacturing is the 3rd greatest economic driver in the region. Honeywell Aerospace, Pet Smart and electronics corporation Avnet are each fortune 500 companies that call Phoenix home.

Any mention of the success of Phoenix should note the strong and proud military presence here with Luke Air Force Base. Phoenix also holds distinction as having 30 foreign consular offices, as well as 11 active foreign chambers of commerce in the metro area. The transportation and logistics field employs nearly 10% of the greater Phoenix work force.

Our friends in Phoenix have been leading the way in technology and innovation for over 50 years. Their work is specialized and requires special handling for delivery. That is why they count on R+L to make sure their custom manufactured pieces arrive safely for on site install.

While in Arizona, we learned what a close-knit community it is. It’s a really big small town. The employees we spent time with recently formed an employee volunteer program giving back in big ways to greater Phoenix and causes around the world.

Visiting Arizona in December was a real treat for the Hauler. The average daily temperatures are in the mid 60’s in December and precipitation is under an inch, ideal for the beginning of winter. Taking advantage of the weather, employees enjoyed a hot dog lunch while getting familiar with the Hauler and cars.

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