Rocky Mountain Hauling

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NASCAR racer and business owner

Step right in and enjoy yourself!

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains among 14,000 foot peaks, Denver is the highest state capital in the United States and has earned itself the nickname “The Mile High City”. There is much more to Denver than its height. When we arrived in Denver, everything was bigger and brighter. If you are a golfer, the thinner air can boost your drives by up to 10%! The sky is also a little bluer because it does not hold as much water vapor. Denver is also home to the longest street in the United States (Colfax Avenue). And because the people of Denver looked at the big picture, they are also the only city to every turn down the Olympics. Being this high gives people a different view of the world. This is a good thing for a small business to have, which is something we found out on our trip.

The friends we visited in Denver have seen this city grow from a small city on the frontier to the big mountain city it is today. They are a small, family owned paper company that has been around for over one hundred years. The company continues to grow as the demand for well-made and innovative packaging does in industries ranging from cosmetics to foods to car equipment. They are wise enough to know they cannot do all things for all people; they make a few innovative packages and are flexible with the design and the details. They ship their packages using our LTL services, since their products are small and don’t require a full truck to ship them to their destinations. This extends that flexible thinking to their supply chain, making it simple to get packages to customers.

This company of sixty people was treated to bright blue skies and a hot dog lunch. We don’t do boxed lunches! The staff, including the current owner, had a fun time getting inside the car and checking out the view from behind the wheel of our NASCAR. They may have even had a chance to look at all the sponsors on the side of the car to see the ones their company produces packaging for!

It was difficult to leave such beautiful landscapes after such a great day in high mountain air and good spirits. We have other friends to visit, and the road is calling us. You will have to check back next week to see where our adventures will lead us to next. Thank you for reading!

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