Meet us in Saint Louis, Louis!

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NASCAR cars and employees enjoying them

Hoods up, wheels down, and ready for their employee inspection!

Tennessee was a fun trip. After Knoxville, our hauler headed toward the Gateway to the West, St. Louis! This city is home to the tallest man-made monument in the United States and the largest arch in the world, the Gateway Arch. St. Louis was one of the great manufacturing cities in the United States at the turn of the 20th century, producing flour, beef, tobacco, machines, beer, bricks, paint, and processing iron. Its explosive growth made it the fourth largest city in the United States at the time and a stopping point for most goods and travelers heading west. The city’s growth also helped it land the World’s Fair (we like going to cities with those) and the Olympics in 1904, shining an international spotlight on St. Louis.

We recently visited our friends at a printing company who definitely have an international flair. This fast growing family-owned company has been screen printing t-shirts and other apparel for almost fifty years. The family’s love of motorcycles leaked into the business over the years. In fact, they were able to acquire one of the rare original licenses that Harley Davidson released to insure quality in the 80’s. This puts one of the top providers of Harley Davidson apparel right in the center of the country! They use our global logistics services to deliver their screen printed products all over the world, as well as our LTL and Business Critical Solutions to make sure that their materials never miss a deadline.

If legends are to be believed, the modern hot dog was introduced in St. Louis, a fact we appreciate greatly. What is NOT a legend is that hog dogs were introduced to baseball parks in 1893 through the St. Louis Browns. On our visit to this remarkable city, the hauler team arrived early to get the tent set up and began cooking lunch for almost 300 guests. Since St. Louis is so tied to the history of the hot dog, we knew we had to do a superb job. And we did! Everyone had a great time exploring the car and having lunch in the fresh air and sunshine. They were very thankful to Nancy and Wade, who did an outstanding job preparing it all and making it run as smoothly as the Harleys they love.

It is back to the open road for us! Leaving St. Louis, it seems appropriate that we are not sure where our next adventure is going to take us. We just know we’ll be meeting more great people, and telling you all about it. See you next week!

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