Making Connections in Knoxville, Tennessee

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R+L Carriers NASCAR hauler

The gang is all here!

Knoxville is a city that is always moving forward. Its location at the head of the Tennessee River makes it an ideal transportation hub in northeast Tennessee, connecting industries in this area by boat to the Ohio River, and then to the great Mississippi. You could say the river is a conductor for businesses in the area. That is why Knoxville was selected as the first capital of the state from 1796 to 1812, and then served again from 1817 to 1818. Knoxville also hosted the World’s Fair in 1982, where the touch screen was first touched down in front of the public. Tennessee also introduced two other very important pieces of American pop culture: Mountain Dew in 1948, and Cherry Coke in 1982.

This is why when our friends in the cabling and communication industry asked us to visit their plant in Knoxville, we jumped at the opportunity. What goes better with hot dogs than Cherry Coke? Our friends create cables and wires that support voice, data and video security solutions, very high tech stuff! This small business fits right in with the forward-thinking innovation that Knoxville has sparked over the years. They ship a wide variety of smaller products, making the LTL services we provide the perfect fit for their needs. They also attend trade shows around the country, and take advantage of our trade show logistics services to help them connect with customers and display their wide variety of cables and cable organizing accessories.

The day of our visit was a gorgeous Tennessee day, and the twenty employees that worked there secured a tasty hot dog lunch and some time in the sun. We enjoyed their Southern hospitality! Our NASCAR racecars were a big hit — when we revved the engines, we even saw a few of their neighbors come to visit and reel it all in! Our friends were so wired about our visit that they even made a video to share it with their friends! Check it out:

There is nothing better than being able to have lunch with some friends, especially in a city that is home to one of the best supply chain management and logistics programs in the country. We look forward to coming back to this part of the country soon, but we have other stops to make. Missouri is looking good at the moment. See you soon!

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