Racing Back to School with LTL Shipping

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We are sure this is how many children would love to get to school.

It’s July and we’re already thinking about back to school. Is it too soon? We are looking forward to children across the country bringing home those packets of fundraising items – candy, nuts, popcorn, candles, you know the drill. It’s a great way for schools to raise the extra money they need for programming, field trips and special projects. You place your order and a few weeks later, your delicious treats arrive.

So, how does all that merchandise get to the schools and your homes?

Our friends at a family owned and operated bulk food company in Elgin, IL can tell you. In addition to their corporate facility in Illinois, they have a plant in Cordele, GA that can process up to 20 million lbs. (the weight of about 5,900 NASCAR stock cars) of raw materials every year. They’ve been around since 1936 and are a direct source supplier of nuts, pecans, pistachios and dried fruits, as well as chocolate covered and yogurt coated products. Their clients are confectioners, bakeries, dairies (ice cream manufacturers), restaurants, retailers, and yes, fundraising organizations.

We brought our NASCAR racecar and hauler to their plant recently for a visit. They were so excited about our arrival that they added a DJ, extra tents and balloons to the event!

Dare we say it was sweeet?

This food company relies on us year-round for their LTL shipping. Business really picks up around October and November when those fundraising sales are arriving! They choose R+L Carriers as their primary carrier because almost everything they ship requires a lift gate, which we offer on 85 percent of our trucks nationwide. In addition, delivery to schools requires a distinct time of arrival, so they often utilize our Guaranteed and Business Critical (Expedited) service too.

All in all, we counted around 150 people sharing our hot dogs and enjoying the music and race cars on the day we visited their plant. We feel proud to support family owned businesses that help our children be successful.


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