Pools and Summer Sunshine for July 4th

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First Place Apartments Pool and Patio

Our friends in Las Vegas know a little something about rooftop pools

R+L Carriers NASCAR and Hauler team in Las Vegas

These two are made in the shade while looking over our NASCAR car.

For most of the United States, relaxing by the pool with something cold to drink over the Fourth of July holiday is a tradition. For our friends in Las Vegas, NV, access to a pool is almost a necessity.  On a recent hot summer day, drivers Wade and Nancy brought our NASCAR race car and hauler to a pool and spa supply company in Las Vegas for a visit.

Through their multiple locations in the southwest, this family owned business provides pool supplies, chemicals and filters to keep those pools sparkling clean all season, and they provide pumps to make sure the water keeps flowing. Our LTL service helps bring all those supplies to stores near you during the busy season, April through September.

We really aren’t surprised that our friends at the pool supply company are doing well, as Las Vegas knows a little something about pools.  CNN rated the pool at the Golden Nugget as one of the best in the county, which is big enough to hold a shark tank in the middle!

Baby having a good time looking at the NASCAR car.

Vegas Baby!!

Extraordinary things typically happen in Vegas, so we didn’t expect the reaction we received from our friends when we pulled in with our hauler and brought out the race cars. Let’s just say we made a splash. Everyone there had a fun time looking over the car, and even a very young fan got to come out and enjoy our visit!

Vegas Baby!

Even though we couldn’t provide a pool, we made sure we helped everyone beat the heat by providing a little shade along with the hot dogs and sports vehicles. Thirty five people turned out for some lunch, and we visited for about an hour before they went back to work on the pools.

We hope you spend this Fourth of July with good friends and good food and perhaps by relaxing by a pool. If you do, you can thank our pool supply friends in Vegas for making it happen. Us? We’ll be moving expedited and guaranteed freight, maybe even some of those pool supplies.

Will there be some salty snacks out while you are dipping your toes in? We know a great place to find them, and you will meet them next week. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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