No Capes Required: How to be a Real Life Hero

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Wade and Rick hauler drivers

By day, they are mild mannered hauler drivers…

There are plenty of ways to be a spectacular hero, but one of the best ways we know is to be a father. Fathers can do it all, as if they had super powers. Fathers are always there when you need them. We’re proud to employ many of those legendary dads, two of whom you’ve met right here on our blog. Drivers Rick and Wade travel the country with our NASCAR race car and hauler, meeting with businesses and sharing hot dogs and stories. They are inspirations to us.

We asked our hauler driver dads, Rick and Wade, who are away on the road 9-10 months every year, what super powers does it take to maintain it all while being on the road? Here’s what they had to say.


Wade and Remy

Strong and silent hero, meet your new sidekick.

Heroes are often strong and silent. But Drivers Wade and Rick know the value of communication. Wade keeps in touch with his two children, Autumn and Terry, and his four grandchildren through phone calls and email. He tells us:

“I always call Autumn and Terry and the kids, email, and try to see them every chance I get. My kids and grandkids mean the world to me. I cherish all the time I can spend with them.”

Rick has experienced first hand what it’s like to be away for long periods while his daughter Jamie, was growing up.

“As Jamie was growing up I was away a lot for work and missed a lot of the daily activities she was involved in, but her mother kept me informed.  She didn’t quite understand why I was always gone, but I explained to her that I had to provide for the family. As she grew older she realized that if we want things in life we have to work for it.”

Hint: Stay tuned on Sunday to hear what Jamie has to say about her astonishing dad.

Be Resourceful

Instead of relying on super powers, truck drivers often need to rely on technology to help them earn their status as heroes. Rick and Wade use email, phone calls, Skype, FaceTime, social media and video chats to keep up with their families. This helps them to not miss any moment, because kids grow up so fast.

Work Hard

These men did not need super powers to become the epic heroes we know. They used something that all of us can admire: basic hard work. We all know how hard our truck drivers work to provide for their families and these values are often carried on to the next generation. Rick’s daughter Jamie is a great example.

“As Jamie grew up she realized that if she wanted things in life she had to work for them. She’s made me proud throughout her life by doing great in school , getting involved in sports, going to college and getting a job as a RN.  She’s now married and passing this legacy on to our two beautiful granddaughters: Hydee, 3 and Macey, 6 months.”


But wait – what is that on the road? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a driver! Here at R+L Carriers, we are very proud to employ so many amazing, super powered dads who go above and beyond the call of duty. Happy Father’s Day – we salute you!


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