Go West, Young NASCAR Hauler!

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Beautiful scenery in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California

A lovely day to travel to the Santa Cruz Mountains!

Travelling the country has more perks than just meeting wonderful people on the road and letting them take a look under the hood of a NASCAR vehicle. We also see all of the beautiful places this country has to offer. Trucking over the plains, around scenic mountain passes, near gorgeous lakes and rivers, it is a part of our LTL shipping and logistics job that we always enjoy. This week we headed out to sunny California to visit some of our friends on the West Coast, where we were able to check out some massive redwood trees and the brilliant Pacific Ocean.

We visited the people of Scotts Valley, a city that is relatively young in an area that used to be a lake approximately 10,000 years ago. Scotts Valley is a small town nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, just a bit south of San Jose and a bit north of Santa Cruz. They are also a quick jump away from Monterey Bay. The area was developed by, and gets its name from, a trader from Maine, Hiram Scott. His house still stands right behind the city hall as a historical landmark. After taking a spin around the area, we understood perfectly why the manufacturers we visited chose this area to locate their factory!

Lowering the car with a liftgate

Lowering the car gently for a big day in the sun. We did not want to shock it, but if we did we know who can fix it.

We were greeted by about seventy people at a family owned, high performance shock manufacturing plant, all of them very excited to see the car. This is a company whose shocks are well known for their quality, and they need to be. They go in vehicles that really give them a pounding, like ATVs, motocross bikes, and off-road vehicles. Those vehicles can get into the air – for example, the world record motocross jump is over 60 feet high! It is not just during the summer months that these shocks help keep people driving; you can also find them in top quality snow vehicles.

Everyone had a great time that sunny day. In the picture you see us showing off our liftgate to help the car down from the back of the truck. Note: if you’re moving heavy freight or if you don’t have a dock, a liftgate really comes in handy and is a service we have widely available, even on our hauler! Everyone got to spend time in the fresh air, inside the car, and sitting at the table with friends while enjoying some of the delicious hot dogs we offer during our visits. It was a fun trip out to this part of California, one we hope to make again soon.

Don’t forget that Father’s Day is next week! We are planning to explore something special for it, so make sure you check it out.



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