Visiting the Heartland of NASCAR Racing

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NASCAR Race Car Drivers

R+L Carriers Hauler drivers Rick and Sherryl Hackworth

Have you ever visited the heartland of racing, North Carolina? Our visit taught us that anything with wheels and a motor is raced there, according to the locals, and since Charlotte is the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, we believed them! In fact, we think our hauler drivers Wade & Nancy and Rick & Sherryl deserve a spot in the Great Hall for their outstanding work. Sherryl and Rick took our NASCAR there recently, and here’s what they had to say.

R+L Carriers NASCAR Hauler in North Carolina

NASCAR and cooking!

“Our first stop was in Goldsboro, NC to an award winning business that makes and ships high end cooking equipment for restaurants. They’ve been providing this service for 25 years and look at their manufacturers as part of their family, just as we do! That day we served hot dogs to over 125 people.” Not just home to racing, Goldsboro is also home to Seymour Johnson AFB, a major player in Homeland Security.

We then headed to one of the top 50 fastest growing companies, a kiosk manufacturer in Aberdeen, NC. We’d just set up when the owner of Dog Sensation, a local hot dog stand, stopped and sampled our dogs! We passed the test and served over 55 people. If you’d prefer sardines on your dog, Aberdeen has a Sardine Festival every October where they serve sardines, moonpies and RC Cola. We can’t help but notice that Aberdeen rhymes with Sardine. Coincidence?

R+L Carriers NASCAR Hauler in North Carolina - tent outside with people

Meeting new NASCAR fans.

We headed south from there to Fort Mill, SC to visit a family owned company that manufactures strength training products like weightlifting gear, barbells and kettleballs. This company started in a strip mall with about 4 employees and today they are in an industrial complex with more than 80 employees! Hot dogs are apparently part of their strength training diet.

We ended the week in Charlotte, home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, at a company that  provides fasteners for construction, furniture, pallet and crating. We served 30 people and enjoyed a beautiful day after a night of severe storms.”

Needless to say our NASCAR race car and hauler was a big hit in the Carolinas. We can’t wait to go back. First though, our crew chief needs to pull into pit row for a splash and go… and to restock our hot dog supply.

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