Hot Dogs, Brewing Supplies, and Soap… and NASCAR

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R+L Carriers hot dog lunch

Our famous NASCAR race car hot dog lunch

Hot dogs. They are one of the reasons we like to travel the country with our NASCAR race car and hauler, feeding people dogs and spreading a little joy. A great thing about hot dogs is that they go well with everything. The famous Varsity Restaurant knows that. When you sell two miles of hot dogs and 300 gallons of chili A DAY, you are going to need to wash it down with something. That may be why they sell a record three million servings of another staple, Coca Cola, a year. Beer also goes well with hot dogs, and we visited a place that manufactures brewing supplies while we were in the Empire State of the South. Gold, which covers the capitol dome here, also goes well on hot hogs. That and our friends in this state have a skeleton in their closet. Have you guessed where we were this week yet?

Georgia. We figure after adding our 10 miles of hot dogs to the count (that’s right, 104,694 hot dogs = 10 miles) Georgia, or at least Atlanta, home of Coca Cola, should be famous for hot dogs now too.

RL Carriers - NASCAR fan eating a hot dog

We began our visit in Tucker, GA where we were received with excitement as we pulled into a business that manufactures industrial soap for car washes, truck washes and industrial laundries. Their soap is concentrated and they ship it nationally, perhaps even to that car wash you’re using this summer. Thirty people joined us for hot dogs and a tour of our NASCAR race car and hauler that day. They also, as you can see, enjoyed our hot dogs and chili lunch. Our hauler is always spotless whenever we pay a visit, but in this case we knew these folks would be checking us out so we paid extra attention to the shininess.

We traveled from there to an Alpharetta,GA ceramic tile manufacturer to serve another 30 guests. Alpharetta boasts a rich history, including its court house being burned down during the Civil War. After they thought all was lost they learned that a local doctor had managed to save the documents inside. He later billed the county $30 for their return. His name? Dr. Skeleton. Our illustrious friend eventually went on to become one of the wealthiest citizens of Milton county. Go figure.

Hot Dogs and Brewing Supplies

Rl Carriers race carWe ended our week in the capital city, Atlanta, where we visited a full service warehouse and wholesale distributor of ingredients and supplies to the home beer and wine industry. These folks operate in several locations across the country, importing and exporting from Canada and across the globe. One hundred percent of all perishable materials including all malts, hops and wine kits are stored under climate controlled conditions at all times. Our truckload shipping refrigerated division is a perfect solution for their temperature-controlled freight.

We mentioned the Capitol dome in Atlanta. It is layered in 43 oz. of pure gold mined in Dahlonega,GA, the site of America’s first gold rush. We also mentioned that gold goes well on hot dogs. One of the most expensive hot dogs in the world was sold for $1,500, and included premium ground beef, lobster tails, and a sprinkle of gold flakes on it. How many hot dogs do you think the dome could cover?

For us, we think mustard is just fine.

There you have it. We discovered a little bit of everything on our trek through Georgia. Wait to you see what we find on our next trip!



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