A Pit Stop In Baltimore For NASCAR All-Star Weekend

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Looking under the racing hood

What lies under the hood? One muscular engine…

We are, very obviously, big fans of NASCAR. It is an amazing sport to watch, especially with the arrival of the new Generation 6 cars this year. All of the strategy, the speed, the closeness of all the cars on the track… it is a great way to spend a few hours on the weekend! That is exciting for the people who watch it, but it can be dangerous for the people who are driving. Accidents are part of the sport,┬ábut a fire that starts because of a wreck is very dangerous for the drivers.

When our drivers pulled up to the doors of a family owned fire suppression company in Baltimore, MD, we were probably just as excited to see them as they were to see us! They have been a world leader in marine fire suppression systems for years and recently started to expand into adhesives for boats. They have already developed the technology on the water to offer hands free, automatic fire suppression for boats. Now, they are looking to work with NASCAR and their fire suppression systems, so our visit was a little more than a casual call for them.

They have been working with NASCAR and 3M to create a fire suppression system for their cars that is safe for the drivers and for the environment. Rousch Fenway Racing is one of the first NASCAR teams to adopt this new technology for their cars. Greg Biffle will be carrying it this weekend in his car as he races in the NASCAR All-Star Race this weekend at Charlotte. It is a big weekend for NASCAR, and our hauler (who was just in Charlotte last week), since May 17 this year is also National NASCAR Day!

Hot Dog vending

No fire suppression needed for these expert grillers. Just some mustard and onions!

Fire suppression systems for cars are designed to be smaller and lighter, but for the boats they can be incredibly large. They are not so large to take up a full truck, so they use our domestic and international LTL shipping options to get their systems to their global list of clients.

Everyone had a great time with Wade and Nancy, the car, and all of the hot dogs we were able to provide! The company we visited in Baltimore has started to expand into helping men and women who drive the sort of car we transport all over the country every week, as they have been keeping boaters safe for decades. We are proud to be a part of supporting all-star, local businesses like this one. Let us know of any all-stars where you live, either in the comments below or through our Facebook page.


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