Our Visit to Austin Lighthouse for the Blind in Texas

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Austin Texas Lake Front - Landscape

Austin Texas Lake Front: Photo courtesy of StuSeeger on Flickr

How cool is Austin, TX? We know it’s an awesome city with great entertainment, restaurants, shops and great art. But we found out just how great it is when our NASCAR race car and hauler traveled there to pay a visit to our friends at Austin Lighthouse. Austin Lighthouse is a non profit organization that assists people who are blind or vision impaired in gaining valuable employment skills.

At Austin Lighthouse, also known as the Travis Association for the Blind, 80 percent of the employees are vision impaired. When we arrived early that morning our drivers Wade and Nancy made sure the area was secure and conducive to the employees’ needs, with good traffic flow and limited obstacles. Wade and Nancy were assisted by sales representatives Connie Seagroves, Nicole Cunningham and Sonja McCullough.

Getting some hot dogs - R+L Carriers

Getting some delicious food!

Sales rep Connie tells us “We assisted employees individually with their lunches (hot dogs of course), retrieved their choice of refreshments and got them seated. Around 260 employees attended our visit. Afterwards, we walked them through the car hauler giving them a thorough description and helping them feel the interior. Then we pulled out the car and started it up for them.” If you’ve not been near a NASCAR racecar when it’s running, cover your ears – it’s very loud! Connie could tell by their faces that the car was a huge hit. Wade went the extra mile and pulled out the truck as well.

Connie let us know that “It was certainly a wonderful experience for all of us.”

getting ready to show the NASCAR

Ready to show the NASCAR race car.

The employees had lots of questions and Wade answered every one in detail. He even went on to explain the many races and outcomes, drivers’ history and records, then he led them on a tour of the engine and inside compartment.



What does Austin Lighthouse Manufacture?

Austin Lighthouse manufactures bottles, mops, hand sanitizer and many of the uniform accessories distributed to the military.

Operations support manager, Keoki Butterfield, said that:

“A lot of them [employees] are NASCAR fans and most of them likely would not have had the chance to get up close and personal with a real veteran racecar. If they didn’t know who R+L was before, they sure know now.”

Austin Lighthouse also provides many important services for their employees, including Braille classes, beginning computer and keyboarding lessons, as well as stocking and supplying products designed for the visually impaired.

How can you help Austin Lighthouse?

The primary means of support for Austin Lighthouse is cash donations received from area citizens. Join them and contribute to this worthy cause. We were proud to be part of their workday and hope you’ll support their mission.

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