Yes, Manufacturing is as Cool as NASCAR Racing

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RL Carriers NASCAR Hot Dog lunch

Hot dogs and warm hearts

We recently took our NASCAR race cars and hauler through the beautiful states of Virginia and North Carolina. There, we visited businesses that make foam soaps, organic gardening supplies, a national chemical manufacturer, and a company that designs and makes drill parts. We started our trip at the drill parts manufacturer, and it was very cold and raining when we arrived. In fact, the only thing warm that day were the hot dogs and in the end, our hearts! Don’t worry, we’ll explain. Despite the rain our friends enjoyed our visit so much that they’ve requested that we return on a sunny day so that they can enjoy the car and the experience even more.

Manufacturing is COOl

Manufacturing Is Cool Pinterest boardWe always say manufacturing is cool and we have the Pinterest board to prove it! Well, this drill company proves it even further. They make and ship drill parts all over the world for the drilling industry, using our global shipping services to get their parts delivered. What they make is impressive enough, but we learned that some of their drills go directly to places that do not have access to fresh drinking water. There, the parts are used to drill new wells to provide safe water to residents. Our sales rep Kacee Lotti told us:

“This is pretty cool considering we take water for granted each day, and it reminds us that others see fresh water as a luxury.”

We couldn’t agree more. We served 55 people that day and despite the rain and cold, we left feeling very warm inside knowing we’re helping with their efforts.

Manufacturing and NASCAR racing

From there we then went to a chemical manufacturing plant in North Carolina where we served 40 employees, one of which was going to Talladega the next day for a NASCAR race. Very exciting! Speaking of racing, we headed to Charlotte next to visit a manufacturer of organic soil and garden supplies where we served 30 people. They were very excited about our race cars in Charlotte because we were there during race week for trucks, modified, better half, and Nationwide. Cool right?

A Clean Finish

Finally, we rounded out the week by heading to a business in Stanley, NC that holds the patent for that foam soap we all use to wash our hands. The day of our visit was also their annual Safety Day, so in addition to our hauler, they had games, vendors, and prizes, including a 42 inch flat screen TV! In 7 days we met 595 people and served 1100 hot dogs! We’re feeling warm, clean and ready to race to our next destination!


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