Firewood, Freight and Friends in Fort Loudon, PA

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R+L Carriers NASCAR race car and hauler

Our NASCAR race car and hauler in Fort Loudon, PA

Did you know there are more than 35 million fireplaces in the U.S. and that the use of wood as a source of energy is increasing? Business is good for our friends at a Fort Loudon, PA logging company who manufacture and ship insect-resistant kiln dried firewood. This fuel alternative help warm homes all throughout the Northeast and beyond, so we celebrated with them by bringing our NASCAR race car and hauler for a visit.

NASCAR hauler view from driver's seat

Pulling in with our NASCAR hauler

Pile of Firewood in Fort Loudon PA

Firewood-making family gathered around their product!

When we pulled in, this beautiful view was the first thing we saw—>

Then we rounded the corner and WOW! Check out that pile of firewood!

This logging company is family owned and operated, just like R+L Carriers. They are very proud of their product, and they should be! All of their firewood is 100% quality hardwood harvested from a sustainable resource and kiln dried to remove moisture. By kiln drying the firewood, the moisture content is reduced to just 8-12 percent, which kills all bugs, mildew and mold that can infest the firewood. Non kiln dried firewood can still contain around 30-50 percent water.

Firewood skid ready to be shipped

Firewood skid ready to be shipped

Here you see their firewood packaged up and ready to be shipped. Most of the time they use our standard LTL service to ship firewood all over the Northeast, taking advantage of our pallet rate program. But from time to time they also use our full truckload services to ship their freight. A full truckload of firewood is really something to see!

While we were there over 75 hungry people came over and went through around 200 hot dogs. Chopping wood sure makes people hungry! We really enjoyed our visit with these friendly firewood folks and look forward to returning.

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