2013 Lima Company Memorial Eyes of Freedom Gala

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RL Truck Ohio StatehouseThe Eyes of Freedom hauler is parked in Columbus, Ohio at the historic Ohio Statehouse as it travels with the Lima Company Memorial. On March 2nd, 2013,  the Statehouse set the stage for The Eyes of Freedom Gala.

Overhead view of the 2013 Eyes of Freedom Gala

Over 275 people attended the Gala to support The Eyes of Freedom memorial.

The focus of the event was to raise funds to support The Eyes of Freedom traveling the country. Over 275 persons attended the Gala, raising over $15,000 to support the cause!

Eyes of Freedom Director Mike Strahle stated “I never once had to do anything in the Marine Corps alone, I always had my team of Marines around me. I won’t have to do this alone either; we’re ALL responsible for the national growth of this tribute.” He also added “I get to watch Veterans from all over the country come in front of The Eyes of Freedom, and they talk to me about things they haven’t been able to say in forty plus years. The paintings reach them in a way that no one else can. As our official transportation provider, R+L Carriers is a key member of the team. They have made this national growth possible.”

The History of The Eyes of Freedom

This introduction video presented at the Gala walks you through a story of love and sacrifice, a remembrance for all those who have given their lives for this country and answered the call of service.


Since the memorial was unveiled in 2008, it has been on display at nearly 70 events, and with each event The Eyes of Freedom continues to touch tens of thousands of people, picking up momentum at every stop. The Eyes of Freedom: Lima Company Memorial travels to Duluth, MN next, followed by Tampa, FL and many more.

To learn more about The Eyes of Freedom memorial and support the cause, please visit LimaCompanyMemorial.org.

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