Printing and Racing in Shreveport, LA

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Our visit to Shreveport, LA

Our visit to Shreveport, LA

While we were in Louisiana for the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, our NASCAR Hauler stopped in Shreveport to visit friends at a printing business and at a tire and wheel company.

R+L knows a lot about starting a business from the ground up, and so do our friends at this printing company. The owner and founder, pictured below in the blue sport coat, told us he started this business in his in-laws’ basement and has grown it to be the premier producer of products for the parking and transit industry. It is still family owned, like us, and now employs 80 people.

Owner - Shreveport Printing Company

Owner and founder pictured on the right

The founder, now in his 80’s, is still at the helm today and considers his many employees part of his extended family.

More than 85 people attended this event and one employee let us know that our visit was “a great morale booster.”

It was for us too!

R+L Carriers Business Critical services

R+L Carriers Business Critical services

Since they are a printing company they often needed our Business Critical Services to expedite their shipments. They also ship to Canada and sometimes use our Truckload Services. That’s a lot of printed materials for a basement start-up company!



Tires, Wheels and Racing

NASCAR race car

Looks ready for a test drive!

From  Shreveport, LA we headed west to a tire company with one of the biggest warehouses we’ve ever seen at 257,000 square feet! Thankfully, their warehouse had plenty of parking space for our NASCAR hauler and guests.

The sales staff at this family owned company spends approximately 80 hours a year in the classroom or behind the wheels of their test vehicles at their South Bend, IN test track. The police department in South Bend uses the track for training officers as well. After hearing that, we were surprised they didn’t ask to take our race car around that track for a spin!

Here’s the rest of the photos we took during our visits. Enjoy!

So there you have it! We’re headed to Gainesville, Florida next for a technology and business career recruiting event at the University of Florida – you won’t want to miss it!


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