Our Big Texas Road Trip!

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We headed to Texas with our NASCAR race car and hauler to visit friends in Mesquite, Lewisville, Arlington and Burleson.

Mesquite, Texas

R+L Carriers NASCAR hauler visits Mesquite TX

Annie trying out our NASCAR race car

Where can you find an indoor, climate controlled rodeo and a NASCAR race car and Hauler? Mesquite, Texas. We visited there with our race cars and dropped by some friends that own and operate a medical device manufacturing facility. Owner Annie tried out the race car and joined us in hosting more than 120 visitors that day. This is a family run business, like R+L Carriers, and they use both our domestic LTL shipping services and Global logistics services.

Lewisville, Texas

R+L Carriers in Lewisville Texas

Lunch time! Lewisville, Texas

After riding race cars and bulls in Mesquite (well, maybe just race cars) we traveled to Lewisville to visit a pallet rack manufacturing company. This company specializes in all sorts of warehouse storage solutions and because our services also include warehousing we’re familiar with their business. Pallet racks and material handling equipment are shipped typically using LTL, but at times they need full truckload services. They ship all over the U.S. and are the largest employer in the Lewisville city limits, around 100 people work there. Go jobs! Here, our friends are checking out the hauler and setting up for lunch.

Lewisville is also home to 29,000 acre Lewisville Lake, a beautiful recreational lake used for pleasure boating, fishing and all types of water sports.

Burleson, Texas

Setting up in Burleson, Texas

Setting up in Burleson, Texas

We then headed to Burleson, TX to visit a company that serves the electrical industry, manufacturing all types of power equipment. Like us, they started in Ohio but now have branch offices across the country, including this one in Texas. They use our expedited services often, because in the power line business timing is crucial to keep the power on!  With over 85 years of experience, they are able to serve customers across the U.S. and around the world. The city of Burleston, TX turns 100 this year and there’s lots going on to celebrate. Check out their official website to see what’s going on. We really got a charge out of our visit to the electric company there. Charge – get it?

Moving on…

Arlington, Texas

R+L Carriers NASCAR race car and hauler visit to Texas

Our visit to Arlington, Texas

Packaging and labeling are things most of us take for granted, but this custom printing manufacturer for food labeling, coupons and packaging thinks about them every day. They put the labels and print the packaging on products we know you’d recognize. Printing companies often expedite their freight, and this one is interested in our new Business Critical line of guaranteed and expedited freight shipping services because they need to get their labels to their customers quickly. They also attend several trade shows and have turned to us multiple times for help with their shipping.

You know what’s also cool about Arlington, Texas? Arlington is home to the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium! You know how much we love football and our own R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, so we can’t resist mentioning this. For history buffs, Arlington was founded in 1876 and named after General Robert E. Lee’s Arlington House in Virginia.

There’s something about Texas that makes us think big, so we took a LOT of photos while we were there. Here are a few.



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