Racecars, Cajun Cooking and Small Businesses in Louisiana

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What do boudin, NASCAR, football and mom and pop business have in common? Louisiana!

Our NASCAR race cars and hauler made a trip to the cities of New Orleans and to Scott, LA to visit some friends from a petrochemical services lab and a cookware manufacturer. Here’s what we saw (and ate) while we were there.

Scott, LA – Boudin Capital of the World

Our friends at the petrochemical services lab in Scott, LA brought us some boudin to honor the fact that Scott is the Boudin Capital of the World! What is boudin you ask? Boudin is a type of sausage made traditionally with pork and rice, but there are many types of boudin depending on the butcher making it.Thankfully, our friends in Scott purchased some boudin for drivers Nancy and Wade so they could enjoy this Southern Louisiana treat! If you’ve never tried boudin before, plan on a visit to this year’s R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl and you’ll have plenty of opportunities while in the area!

Ricky from Scott, LA Boudin Capital of the World

Ricky sharing some Boudin with us

Here’s our friend Ricky in the green shirt sharing some Boudin with us inside the hauler. ——–>

Ricky and his friends told us that one of the shipping services they really appreciate is our lift gate capacity. Since many of their customers are located in remote areas across Louisiana they depend on our lift gate service to deliver to and pick up products from their clients. Because we offer 85% lift gate capability we can provide this service to them without the hassle of arranging a special service day. They also tell us that RLCarriers.com is the most user friendly transportation solutions site they have found. And since we’re equipped to handle their many hazmat shipments, they are very happy as we have exceeded all their expectations with our services. We ended up serving over 30 people at this event!

New Orleans, LA – Home of the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

We then headed to New Orleans to visit a manufacturer of boiling pots for seafood, turkey fryers, pots, camp stoves, spices, etc. All this cookware makes for some great Cajun cooking, let us tell you! Owners Barbara and Norman Bourgois were nice enough to provide these great Cajun recipes for us to try on the road, and we were able to share our meal with their 42 guests. Their business is family owned, like R+L Carriers, so we had a lot in common with them.

New Orleans Jambalaya

Serving up some New Orleans Jambalaya

All this Cajun cooking reminds us of the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, coming up this December 22, 2012. Remember this shot from last year’s game? Talk about some Cajun cooking!

We got excited there for a minute…

If you’re planning a visit to the Big Easy anytime soon, and we hope that you are, send us your photos and your best Cajun recipes. If you can’t make it to the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, follow us on Twitter during the game at #RLBowl – we’ll be talking food, football and giving away prizes all day there.



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