Our NASCAR Race Car Visits Mattoon, Illinois

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This time our NASCAR hauler travels took us to a leading graphics and printing service company in Mattoon, Illinois. Just like us, this printing company is a family owned business and started as a “Mom and Pop,” which is also the core of our business here at R+L Carriers. The owners loved all about our history and how we started with one truck and grew into the company you see today. It’s a sentiment we hear often, as so many small business owners across the country tell us how they relate to the hard work, passion and sheer guts it takes to start a business!

Our friends in Mattoon, IL recently celebrated 40 years in business and we were happy to be there to congratulate that accomplishment, and to thank them for providing jobs to 117 people in the Mattoon area.

R+L Carriers NASCAR Race car

Check out our friends in Mattoon, IL

Many of our friends there were interested in our NASCAR race car and hauler. More than 70 people came out to see us and take turns checking out the race car. The owner, Ralph, and his daughter Cynthia told us that their favorite driver is Tony Stewart, #14. How cool is that?

More about Mattoon, Illinois

Mattoon is traditional a manufacturing town, but has, like much of the country, been  challenged by the loss of several plants over the past 20 years. Despite this, Mattoon is proud to be the “Bagel Capital of the World” because of the location of the Lender’s Bagel Factory nearby. The town is home to the world’s largest bagel and an annual summer event called the Mattoon Bagelfest, which was recently listed as one of the top Wacky U.S. Summer Events by Reuters News. If you have time, perhaps you should venture from there to Lowellville, NY for the Cream Cheese Festival. Just an idea.

But we digress.

We found the folks in Mattoon to be “super nice people” (says drivers Nancy and Wade – and you know they wouldn’t steer us wrong) and we added around 140 hot dogs to our count.

Check it out. And if you’re in the area tell the nice folks of Mattoon we said hi!

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