R+L Carriers NASCAR Visit to Westminster, CA

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This time our NASCAR race car and hauler turned up in Westminster, CA to visit a major spa chair manufacturer there.  They make some very swanky chairs for use in health and beauty spas across the country! Here’s what their chairs look like:

R L NASCAR Race Car Westminster CA

Nice huh?

R L NASCAR Race Car Westminster CAMore than 50 people turned out to see our hauler, have lunch with us and sit in the car. Here’s our favorite shot of the day–>

Seriously though, the folks we met were very excited and grateful to get a chance to see the NASCAR race car up close, telling us:

Our employees are very happy and privileged to have you and R+L here. I already said this once but will say it again. It’s a once in a life time experience to see the Race Car so up close and to have R+L Carriers here.

Here are more photos of our day in Westminster, CA:


Our day went fast and we had so much fun! If you happen to be in Westminster, here are some recommendations of things you can do in the area.

More about Westminster, CA

Westminister, CA wasn’t the thriving city you see today until recently. In the 1950s it was a tiny farming community, growing in the 1960s and then again in the 1980s as Southeast Asian refugees, fleeing from the conflict in their homelands, moved to the area.

The development of Southeast Asian businesses, shops and restaurants is now a tourist attraction known as Little Saigon. The city is unofficially known as the “capital” of overseas Vietnam. With 40.2% total population (from the 2010 census), it boasts the highest concentration of Vietnamese-Americans of any city in America. You’ll find the streets lined with shops, restaurants and jewelry centers along this cultural hub. There’s also a great shopping mall, theater and award winning rose gardens. In 1996 Westminster was named “All-America City” by the National Civic League.

We’re happy to have met such great people and look forward to returning. Until then, follow our blog here by subscribing, join us on our Facebook page and tell us about your favorite city in the comments section.

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